Levoit Core P350 Pet Care Air Purifier Effective Area 40 m² H13 True HEPA Filter


Specially designed for pet owners, Levoit’s Core P350 True HEPA Air Purifier’s 3-stage filtration system efficiently captures pet fur, dander, and airborne particles. Its patented ARC Formula adsorbs and eliminates pet odors, so your home always smells fresh.

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WORKS QUICKLY: Refresh air over 2 times per hour in rooms as large as 431 ft2 / 40 m2.

PET LOCK BUTTON: Prevent your furry friends from accidentally changing settings.

DISPLAY OFF BUTTON: Turn the display off for a darker, more restful environment.

NEAR-SILENT OPERATION: QuietKEAP technology keeps noise levels as low as 24dB.

ENHANCED FILTRATION: The new fine, non-woven pre-filter captures more fur and dander.

ARC FORMULA: The ARC Formula absorbs odors and decomposes pollutants.

CHECK FILTER INDICATOR: An indicator on the display will light up when the air filter should be checked.

CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS: Choose from 3 fan speeds and timer options for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 8.82 kg
Dimensions 26.65 × 13.5 × 42.5 cm