Instant Pot Cook and Bake Set


Instant Pot Cook & Bake Set
Cook, bake, and steam multiple foods at once and enjoy the convenience of pot-in-pot cooking when you use this set!

– 2 round pans with 1 removable base that features a silicone ring that helps prevent leaks
– 1 removable stainless steel divider that helps you make several food at once
– 2 snap-fit silicone lids with pressure-release tabs
– 2 wire egg racks that hold 7 eggs each and can also be used for stacking pans when cooking

– [Authentic] – Genuine Instant Pot® accessory
– [Heat resistant] – The lids are made from BPA-free silicone, which is heat resistant to 450° F (232° C).
– [Safe] -Made from BPA-free silicone

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1.71 kg
Dimensions 19 × 21 × 15 cm